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Matheus Pompeu


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Matheus Pompeu is currently at the Placido Domingo Centre de Perfeccionament at Les Arts, Valencia. At Les Arts Matheus sang the tenor part of Rossini’s Petite Messe Solennelle and was cover of Michael Fabiano in the part of Corrado in Verdi’s Il Corsaro


In Summer 2018 Matheus will sing the role of Jantek of Moriuzko’s opera Halka at the Chopin and his Europe Festival in Warsaw. He will also take part in the recording of the title along Roberto Alagna and Fabio Biondi. In September he will sing the tenor part of Rossini’s Petite Messe Solennelle at the Musikfest Bremen, Germany. 


Prior to joining the Placido Domingo Centre in Les Arts, Valencia Matheus made opera debuts mostly in the main opera houses in his native Brazil: Teatro Municipal de Sao Paolo and Teatro Municipal de Rio de Janeiro and Palácio das Artes in Belo Horizonte. 

Matheus debuted Tamino (Die Zauberflöte), Rodolfo (La Boheme), Don José (Tragedie de Carmen), Corrado (Il Corsaro), Beppe (Pagliacci), Don Alvaro (Il Guarany), Flaminio (L’Amore dei tre ré), Arturo (Lucia di Lammermoor). 

He has collaborated with maestros such as Fabio Biondi, Ramón Tebar, Silvio Viegas; and directors such as Nicola Raab, Cesare Livieri and others.  

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April 2019

Monteverdi - Ulisse - Giove

Elbphilharmonie Hamburg

Fabio Biondi, Conductor


September 2018

Rossini - Petite Messe solennelle - Tenor

Musikfest Bremen

Fabio Biondi, Conductor

August 2018

Moniuszko - Halka (opera in concert) - Jontek

Chopin and his Europe, International Music Festival, Warsaw

Fabio Biondi, Conductor

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Bremer Festspiele - Petite Messe solennelle - Tenor - September 2018

Matheus Pompeu convinces with his charming, march-like tenor aria "Domine Deus", which could also have a place in any Rossin'si opera. 

- Kreiszeitung, Erik HermannRead the article

Chopin and his Europe International Music Festival - Halka - Jontek - AUGUST 2018

Jontek, her partner, was sung by Matheus Pompeu, who also approached his part in a belcanto manner, which – as opposed to the Polish performance tradition – makes a lot of sense, as Moniuszko, while composing Halka, based his work on French and Italian opera, just adding Polish staffage to it. Pompeu operates a light, agile, Donizettian voice, focusing on the esthetics of the sound, achieving expression purely with vocal measures, and not with overacting. His Jontek is a sad boy, who sings his regrets in a cantilena way; thanks to his musicality and good technique, Pompeu retrieves from Moniuszko’s music its Italian idiom, and at the same time underlines the Polish one, while in a lot of traditional Polish renditions of this opera, the dance-like character and freshness of many fragments is lost due to excessive pomposity and overstretching the tempi. Jontek’s main aria “ Szumią jodły na gór szczycie” („Fra gli abeti il vento geme”, “The pines rustle at the mountain top”) in his rendition revealed its character close to kujawiak (one of Polish national dances), instead of being drowned out with veristic screams, which sound rather like laments of an Italian pizzaiolo who burned his pie than a heartbroken, young highlander. 

- Studio Krytyka, Gniewomir Zajączkowski, Szymon ŻuchowskiRead the article

Most of the soloists were not disappointed, in the lead with the Brazilian tenor Matheus Pompeu playing the role of Jontek, currently associated with the Placido Domingo Center de Perfeccionament at Les Arts in Valencia. The young singer has amazing vocal potential, and his performance of the famous aria "Szumia fir on the top peak" was really overwhelming. One should also appreciate the fact that both he and Tina Gorina as Halka used various forms of stage communication - gesture, eloquent mimicry and body movement, while the Polish part of the cast was focused only on singing. The Spanish woman generally has a very beautiful soprano, but in some scenes her voice lacked the necessary dramatic expression in this role.

- Opera Lovers, Magdalena Grzybowska (in Polish)Read the article

For a change, Matheus Pompeu turned out to be Jontek - not only a beautiful voice, but also a fairly free technique, and in addition the only singer who tried to create a character. It was even visible, because he turned to his partners with gesticulation, but above all it was heard, because only he built emotional phrases. And as the only soloist he sang so clearly that one could guess that he knows and understands words.


- Polskie Radio, Jakub Puchalski (in Polish)Read the article

However, the unquestionable star of the evening was the Brazilian tenor Matheus Pompeu, who created Jontek. It is a fantastic, dramatic voice with a beautiful deep color, great technically and interpretably - the unforgettable aria Szumią fir (in the Italian version of Fra il abeti il vento geme) in its performance has received a well-deserved long ovation.

- Dolce Tormento, Iwona Ramotowska (in Polish)Read the article

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